Real estate loan: 3 tips to suspend your mortgage

The duration of a mortgage is on average above 18 years according to the Housing Credit Observatory / CSA. But we all know it can happen in two decades! Temporary financial difficulties, dismissal, divorce, illness, accident. if you face this kind of situation, the suspension of your mortgage can be a salutary solution. 1. Maintain

Re-applying for a loan

      After a negative credit decision If our loan application was refused, then the possibility of submitting another inquiry depends on the reason why we have not received the money. We applied for the next commitment, even though we haven’t given back the previous one? Only the payment of receivables opens the way

No loan repayment – check the consequences

Additional fees This is the first consequence you will face for the delay in paying off your short-term liability or to avoid paying the debt at all. Costs are generated by every prompt, be it in the form of a letter, SMS or email, as well as a request for payment by phone contact of

Mortgage loan in euros

Many people say that XXI is the best century for humanity since the beginning of time. The standard of living, health care and development opportunities mean that, as never before, man has all the predispositions to pursue himself in various fields, make dreams come true. Of course, there are various social disparities in this world

Home Mortgage

Do you want to buy your dream and desired home but you lack the financial means for this? So know one thing, a mortgage for a home is still an alternative that a lot of people use, you can say more that it mainly helps in acquiring and buying, renovating or constructing such a property

Consumer credit: production gives a boost

  We had left consumer credit with a little slack in the second half, but the sector is already rebounding. According to the latest figures published by the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF), production accelerates in July still under the impetus of the LOA (lease with option to buy). A market that continues to

Portrait of a statistical debtor | Payday loan

Five types of debtors The reasons for indebtedness are different, as do the reasons for non-payment of financial obligations. As it turns out, the key factor is not the wealth of the wallet, but the beliefs of people about paying off debts. However, managing your home budget is important. Due to these factors, you can